Recreational Fishery Monitoring in Alabama

Alabama lands a significant percentage of the recreational red snapper in the Gulf and the majority of the recreational anglers funnel through the Perdido Pass. Teem Fish Monitoring Inc. installed a land-based electronic monitoring system (EM) with video at the mouth of the Perdido Pass to collect 24-hour footage of vessel activity.

Software with integrated Artificial Intelligence will be used to collect and analyze the following information for each day of Alabama’s 2019 recreational red snapper season:

Total private recreational fishing effort moving through Perdido Pass

Breakdown of effort between charters, headboats, and private angler boats

Estimate of how long each vessel is offshore

Teem Fish provided the following services:

  • System installation & training to local personnel in basic system maintenance
  • Remote hardware technical assistance, support, and system troubleshooting
  • In-person secondary site visit (if necessary)
  • Human video analysis for the site-specific AI training, testing, and accuracy checking
  • Adaptation of AI tool for use case and customization of database and software

The data will be collected in a robust and lawful way, making it useful for peer reviewed articles and to inform future fishery management decisions. It will give real-time daily counts of the Alabama recreational red snapper fishing effort moving through the Perdido Pass.