Amanda Barney


Before serving as Teem Fish’s initial CEO, Amanda worked for seven years running and growing Ecotrust Canada’s innovative and mission driven fisheries monitoring programs. For over 2 decades Amanda has worked in commercial fisheries on both coast’s in North America with a focus on creating solutions to the issues of allocation, sustainability and economics that this industry faces. With education and experience in fisheries oceanography, biology, economics, policy analysis, data capture and analysis, as well as practical experience on vessels and a lifetime living in fishing communities, Amanda brings a holistic view to EM technology and program design.

Lauren Blechta

Area A Crab - Data, Operations and Technical Supervisor

Lauren started as an electronic monitoring technician in early January 2019 maintaining the hardware and software components used to monitor the Area A Crab fishing fleet in Prince Rupert, B.C. Lauren has degrees in environmental management and technology. With Teem Fish, Lauren oversees project operations and development while continuing to ensure accurate, timely and verifiable data collection for the Area A crab fleet.

Miranda Finch

Operations Manager

Miranda is Teem Fish Monitoring’s newest recruit. She has an education in mechanical engineering, a background in water planning, project delivery and community outreach and a keenness for environmental conservation and action. Miranda wants to use her knowledge and experience to create sustainable solutions for communities around the world. Outside of the office, she loves exploring the great outdoors through cycling, paddling, skiing, and rock climbing.

Ashley Griffin

Video Analyst

Ashley is a Video Analyst who graduated from the University of Maine, in Orono, in 2015 with a BS in Marine Biology. Following graduation, she began working with the Northeast Fisheries Observer Program as a sea going technician and advancing to a data debriefer during her time with the program. Throughout her time at sea, Ashley became familiar with the trawl, gillnet, and longline fisheries, all of which sparked an interest to continue in the pursuit of a career that encompassed a more collaborative approach to fisheries management. Ashley is a native New Englander who has a deep passion for preserving the local fishing communities and what they represent. Ashley started with Teem Fish in January 2020 and in addition to her Video Analyst role, frequently assists in Project Coordination. Outside of the office, she loves hiking, boating, and lounging on the beach.

Kelsey Blair

Application Engineer & Technology Manager

Kelsey is an application engineer and resident tech guru at Teem Fish Monitoring. She graduated from the University of Victoria with her degree in Electrical Engineering. Passionate about technology, Kelsey loves being able to use her knowledge to help communities. At home in Vancouver, she enjoys trying out new recipes, video games, and keeping her houseplants alive.

Jillian DiMaio

New England Groundfish Project Manager/ Operations Coordinator

Jillian began her professional career in fisheries in 2010 as an At-Sea Monitor of the New England Groundfish fleet. Working offshore in trawl, gillnet, and longline fisheries, Jillian soon expanded into other fisheries observer programs and gear types and moved on to work an Area Coordinator and Assistant Program Manager for the Northeast Fisheries Observer Program. Jillian’s education, experience, and interests have consistently focused around collaboration of policy, sustainability, and local engagement to achieve stated goals for the communities she represents. Jillian started with Ecotrust Canada in September 2018. With Teem Fish she is currently helping to manage the operational and logistical aspects of the New England Groundfish project.

Patrick Nugent

Fisheries Technical Specialist

Patrick Nugent has extensive professional experience in fisheries monitoring and management, environmental management and fisheries information systems.  For more than a decade he has worked with MRAG starting as an observer in the Indian Ocean and has been extensively involved in the management and development of the ICCAT Transhipment, ICCAT Bluefin Tuna, and IOTC regional observer programmes. From 2014 to 2018 he was the programme manager of the ICCAT Transhipment ROP, ICCAT Bluefin Tuna ROP as well as CCAMLR area.

Patrick has been involved in electronic monitoring work since 2014. He has managed a variety of EM projects including an extensive multi-phase audit of an EMS against ISSF standards, development of a business case focusing on cost recovery options for EM for the Ghanaian tuna purse seine fleet, and a project investigating using EM to assess compliance with the landing obligation on pelagic trawlers. He has also contributed to the EM section of a report commissioned by the MSC regarding MCS best practices.

Matt Roux

EM Technician and Senior Video Analyst

Matt is a biologist with over 5 years experience working in New England Fisheries. At Teem Fish, he is one of our senior EM technicians and video analysts. He works to maintain EM systems on commercial fishing vessels in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and on data analysis and documentation. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2010 with a BS in Biology focusing on Marine Ecology. His background in fisheries includes years deploying on commercial vessels as a fisheries observer, work with species restoration and marine surveys, and extensive experience with oyster aquaculture. Matt is passionate about using technology to improve fisheries dependant data collection and accountability, he believes working collaboratively with the fishing industry to implement electronic monitoring can help support and sustain fisheries all over the world. When he isn’t analyzing video or installing EM systems he can be found on the water, diving, fishing, or kayaking.