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Role: Manager of Operations & Customer Experience 

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Start-Date: October 2019
Length of Contract: 2 years with potential for renewal, FTE
Salary: TBD based on experience
Generous benefits package to begin after 3 months of employment.

Amanda Barney


Before serving as Teem Fish’s initial CEO, Amanda worked for seven years running and growing Ecotrust Canada’s innovative and mission driven fisheries monitoring programs. For over 2 decades Amanda has worked in commercial fisheries on both coast’s in North America with a focus on creating solutions to the issues of allocation, sustainability and economics that this industry faces. With education and experience in fisheries oceanography, biology, economics, policy analysis, data capture and analysis, as well as practical experience on vessels and a lifetime living in fishing communities, Amanda brings a holistic view to EM technology and program design.

Lauren Blechta

EM Technician and Operations Coordinator

Lauren started with Ecotrust in early January of 2019 and worked as an electric monitoring technician, helping to maintain the hardware and software components used to monitor the Area A Crab fishing fleet in Prince Rupert. Lauren is an outdoors kind of girl, growing up within the Great Lakes region of Ontario. Lauren has an earned a Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Waterloo and an Environmental Technician Diploma.

After visiting the west coast for the first time in 2015, Lauren knew by the atmosphere, lifestyle and the people that one day she would be back. In late 2018 Lauren finally made the move, but not before spending three months on the road traveling across 5 Provinces, 10 States, visiting 32 National and Provincial Parks and a whole lot of National Forests. Her travels have only strengthened her desire to learn and help bring people together to ensure sustainable environmental practices. With Teem Fish Lauren helps keep track of project operations and continues to service the electronic motoring equipment for the Prince Rupert crab fleet.

Anthony Lucia

Technology Manager and New England Groundfish Project Manager

Prior to joining TEEM Fish as the technology manager and New England groundfish project manager, Anthony started with Ecotrust in 2017 as a video reviewer and technician. Before joining the EM field Anthony worked as an observer in the Northeast region and held certifications in the NEFOP, ASM, high volume, and pot/trap programs.
Anthony utilizes his background of field ecology and on deck experience to install and maintain EM systems, develop video review protocol, and transition new technology to effective on the water monitoring solutions.

Matt Roux

EM Technician and Senior Video Analyst

Matt is a biologist with over 5 years experience working in New England Fisheries. At Teem Fish, he is one of our senior EM technicians and video analysts. He works to maintain EM systems on commercial fishing vessels in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and on data analysis and documentation. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2010 with a BS in Biology focusing on Marine Ecology. His background in fisheries includes years deploying on commercial vessels as a fisheries observer, work with species restoration and marine surveys, and extensive experience with oyster aquaculture. Matt is passionate about using technology to improve fisheries dependant data collection and accountability, he believes working collaboratively with the fishing industry to implement electronic monitoring can help support and sustain fisheries all over the world. When he isn’t analyzing video or installing EM systems he can be found on the water, diving, fishing, or kayaking.

Kelsey Blair

Application Engineer & Technology Manager

Kelsey is an application engineer and resident tech guru at Teem Fish Monitoring. She graduated from the University of Victoria with her degree in Electrical Engineering. Passionate about technology, Kelsey loves being able to use her knowledge to help communities. At home in Vancouver, she enjoys trying out new recipes, video games, and keeping her houseplants alive.

François Blanchet

Electronic Monitoring Technician & Analyst

François is a new addition since December 2018 as EM tech in the Skeena office. His background is in the recreational fishing,boat maintenance, basic ecology, entomology and event planning. He has traveled the world looking for fish to catch on the fly, worked in amazing places as fish guide and even competed in World Cup fly casting events.

Frank understands the fragility of our ecosystem and wanted to make a difference by working with Teem Fish. He is a proud advocate of fish trapping,monitoring, foraging forest products. He and also tests fishing apparel for Patagonia. He is also involved in the community with Search and Rescue, and Army Rangers. He and his wife left Squamish to move North 5 years ago, started a great catering business called Mucho Gusto catering and are happy to have new baby girl named Effie.

Jillian DiMaio

New England Groundfish Project Manager/ Operations Coordinator

Jillian began her professional career in fisheries in 2010 as an At-Sea Monitor of the New England Groundfish fleet. Working offshore in trawl, gillnet, and longline fisheries, Jillian soon expanded into other fisheries observer programs and gear types and moved on to work an Area Coordinator and Assistant Program Manager for the Northeast Fisheries Observer Program. Jillian’s education, experience, and interests have consistently focused around collaboration of policy, sustainability, and local engagement to achieve stated goals for the communities she represents. Jillian started with Ecotrust Canada in September 2018. With Teem Fish she is currently helping to manage the operational and logistical aspects of the New England Groundfish project.

Patrick Nugent

Fisheries Technical Specialist

Patrick Nugent has extensive professional experience in fisheries monitoring and management, environmental management and fisheries information systems.  For more than a decade he has worked with MRAG starting as an observer in the Indian Ocean and has been extensively involved in the management and development of the ICCAT Transhipment, ICCAT Bluefin Tuna, and IOTC regional observer programmes. From 2014 to 2018 he was the programme manager of the ICCAT Transhipment ROP, ICCAT Bluefin Tuna ROP as well as CCAMLR area.

Patrick has been involved in electronic monitoring work since 2014. He has managed a variety of EM projects including an extensive multi-phase audit of an EMS against ISSF standards, development of a business case focusing on cost recovery options for EM for the Ghanaian tuna purse seine fleet, and a project investigating using EM to assess compliance with the landing obligation on pelagic trawlers. He has also contributed to the EM section of a report commissioned by the MSC regarding MCS best practices.

Greg Sanborn

Video Analyst

Greg spent his undergrad years at the University of New England where he studied Environmental Science. Post college he spent six months as a marine educator at Newfound Harbor Marine Institute on Big Pine Key, Florida. He also joined Florida International University and their Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project in Western Australia as a field tech. Prior to Teem.Fish, Greg was with the North East Fisheries Observer Program and At-Sea monitor program for nine years where he logged over 1000 days at sea. His final two years were spent as an assistant coordinator with observer provider.