We are a Canadian social enterprise focused on the design and delivery of efficient and effective electronic fisheries monitoring programs.

Our Partners

In partnership with Snap Information Technology we are building on our experience and expertise in fisheries monitoring to deliver innovative high-tech solutions to fish harvesters, fisheries managers, and resource dependent communities.

Our Founder

We remain grounded in the mission of our charity founder, Ecotrust Canada. We are and will remain a client-focused enterprise. We are committed to a user-centered approach that provides value to fish harvesters and represents their interests. We support small-scale fisheries to bring about a positive impact on local communities.

Our electronic fisheries monitoring services include:

Electronic Fisheries Technology for Vessels

Robust hardware that captures high-definition video and transmits it to shore.

Electronic Dockside Monitoring

 Software that reduces data redundancy.

Electronic Fisheries Reporting and eLogs

Electronic logbooks that allow accurate and timely collection of data.

Our more than 20 years of experience in the fishery industry and our considerable knowledge of sustainable fishery management allow us to:

  • Support community-built solutions that result in more sustainable fisheries
  • Take an innovative approach to design and development
  • Provide affordable, scale-appropriate monitoring systems and services that meet industry and regulatory standards
  • Meet the monitoring needs of fish harvesters with iterative user-centric technology that represents their interests
  • Empower fish harvesters to take a lead role in conservation and sustainability, while balancing traditional and commercial fishing activities
  • Employ and train local community members

Our electronic monitoring systems can be customized to meet both fleet and regulatory needs. Our projects and services can be full-scale or experimental in design with different levels of project development and different technologies.