Teem Fish is a federally designated fisheries monitoring service provider who combine best-in-class technology with deep fisheries expertise to deliver reliable electronic monitoring systems, round-the-clock service, and accurate, verifiable data.

Our Technology

We provide ruggedized hardware that you can set and forget. Our video files are compressed so that transmission from boat to reviewer via wifi or cellular is possible. No waiting on hard drive swaps required. Our review platform can train and run AI technology, so that over time review costs can be reduced.

Our Impact

Unlike other EM solution providers, Teem Fish is a social enterprise that leverages advanced technology and local partnerships to help fish harvesters with the safety, security and compliance requirements of their jobs creating an affordable way to scale the use of electronic data capture to ensure ongoing viability of global fish stocks.

When you combine advanced technology with extensive fisheries expertise, what you get is the world’s most efficient fisheries electronic monitoring solutions.

Teem Fish’s EM system is designed to help fish harvesters conveniently collect the data needed to meet all regulatory requirements and just get on with their fishing.

Teem Fish is recognized for its deep ecosystem understanding and technical expertise. We have been trusted to deliver electronic monitoring solutions to meet the unique needs of fisheries around the world since 2011.

Our install teams have extensive experience working on vessels and in different fisheries – this experience helps make our time on the vessel as efficient and painless as possible.